Your participation in CATCH has allowed the team to look at a lot of data about people who are diagnosed with early rheumatoid arthritis and look at trends over a long period of time, to see what others like you have in common, or to see the most effective way to treat people with medications. The researchers then present these findings to other researchers at national and international scientific meetings - sometimes they give a talk and other times they will give a poster (at scientific meetings there are dedicated poster sessions where researchers really stand by posters that they've made about their research and findings at certain times and then talk to people who come by to read their posters). Researchers have to 'apply' to present their research and work at meetings, and they do that by creating an 'abstract' which is a shortened version of what they wish to present at a meeting.

All of the CATCH team research abstracts are provided here by year. Each abstract is split in to a 'short' version to give you a simple overview of the research, and if you click on the 'read more' section there is a longer version of the abstract with a few more details for you. If the CATCH team has published a scientific paper on this topic, we have also provided a link to the paper for you. We have tried to use simple language so that you can understand what the researchers did and what they found. You may wish to open our Glossary page beside the abstracts as you read them and we have also linked some more difficult terms directly to the Glossary so you can look up these words as you read (those words are shown in dark red).

If you are interested in reading the full scientific papers (also called manuscripts) that have resulted from CATCH research, you can click here and you will be redirected to a page that lists all papers that have been published according to year.

We thank you for your participation in CATCH - none of this research and none of these abstracts would be here without you.