The Canadian Early Arthritis Cohort study (CATCH for short) is a Canadian multicenter research study that aims to improve the quality of care for people with early inflammatory arthritis.

CATCH is the only Canada-wide early arthritis cohort study that is following people with new onset inflammatory or rheumatoid arthritis over time to examine the course of their disease and their response to the treatments provided by their healthcare team.

Our Vision

  • To improve the lives of people with early rheumatoid arthritis (RA)
  • To ensure more patients will have timely access to quality care
  • To provide patients the best chance for an optimal outcome
  • To focus research & educational efforts that will advance these goals.

Our Goals

We are seeking to learn more about the impact of early arthritis through watching arthritis progress in people who have new joint inflammation that is thought to be due to RA. We hope to better understand the most effective treatment strategies for this disease process. By identifying people with RA very early in their disease diagnosis, we wish to show the advantages and benefits of early arthritis diagnosis and treatment. Timing is very important and we are committed to finding clinically meaningful evidence about the most effective treatment strategies and helping more people to achieve remission sooner.

Our Sponsors

The CATCH study was designed and implemented by the investigators and financially supported through unrestricted research grants from:

  • Amgen and Pfizer Canada – Founding sponsors since January 2007
  • AbbVie Corporation since 2011
  • Medexus Pharmaceuticals since 2013
  • Sandoz Canada Biopharmaceuticals since 2019
  • Fresenius Kabi Canada since 2021
  • Organon Canada since 2021.

Previous funding from  Janssen Canada (2011-16), UCB Canada and Bristol-Myers Squibb Canada (2011-18), Hoffman La Roche Limited (2011-21), Sanofi Genzyme (2016-17), Eli Lilly Canada (2016-20), Merck Canada (2017-21), and Gilead Sciences Canada (2020-21).

Investigators and team members


How to Participate

If you have new onset joint inflammation or rheumatoid arthritis you may be able to participate.