Learn more about participating in the CATCH research study on this page. A copy of the participant’s informed consent form is available along with a schedule of when questionnaires are completed and when other information and samples are collected from CATCH study participants.

Information and Samples Collected from Participants

Participants in the CATCH provide information and samples to the CATCH study so researchers can learn more about rheumatoid arthritis.


When starting CATCH (also called ‘baseline’)

A healthcare provider will make sure a potential participant meets the criteria to be in CATCH, will provide the individual with the informed consent form to review, ask any questions, and sign,  and will record information about their arthritis symptoms’ onset, diagnosis, and medication history.

Other information will also be collected such as date of birth, gender, ethnicity, education, people in the household, income, arthritis history, family history, tobacco use history, tuberculosis test history, allergies (other than medications), vaccinations, exposure to silica, and contact information. New participants will also be asked to provide some blood samples to help make a diagnosis and monitor therapies moving forward.


At other CATCH visits

At other CATCH visits, usually part of a participant’s regular appointments with their rheumatology team, a healthcare provider may collect information from the participant or ask them to provide information. In the table below, you can find information on what is collected and how frequently it is collected. Lab tests are also ordered regularly as part of participants’ usual care and to monitor therapies. These are not listed below, so contact CATCH if you wish for more information on these.

Physician Assessments Over Time

Participant Information Provided over Time


Informed Consent Form

Download and view CATCH’s informed consent form.